crackerjack [ krak-er-jak ]

Way back in the early noughties, before Facebook (2004), before Google Analytics (2005), before Twitter (2006) and before Magento (2008) – Richard started his career in eCommerce (2003).

Super fast fibre? No! Cloud computing? No! iPhones? No! Dropbox? No!

Just good old fashioned ‘roll your sleeves up and get your head down’ mentality. It was this mindset, assisted by his further education in Information Technology and retail background which enabled him to embrace the internet and its potential and get our products and services to a new wider audience.

Whilst reminiscing it is in some ways hard to believe that with the lack of technological resources he had in comparison to now, he started a family run eCommerce business which has served over 500,000 customers worldwide and continues to be a profitable lifestyle business to this very day, over 16 years on!

We would say that stands us apart from most other eCommerce consultants as the big difference is that we still oversee a successful eCommerce business – we don’t just tell people ‘how to’ we actually ‘do’.

Trading partners, peers, fellow retailers, suppliers and manufacturers have often asked us for advice when it comes to selling on the internet and setting up websites. So, over the past couple of years we have been sharing our knowledge to a wider community and this led to the natural birth of Crackerjack Commerce.

During our 16 years of eCommerce experience we have built up an extensive list of contacts, insight, know-how, resources and expertise which you can now benefit from when you choose one of our services. We can save you time and money by delivering projects and assignments to a high standard or connecting you with the right people, and we can help you get your online venture off the ground so you are up and running in the right direction.

Spending money on the internet is easy, being popular on the internet is easy, paying £10,000’s in marketing is easy – but, making money on the internet, getting your product or service in front of the right person at the right time and living the dream, that’s a bit harder, so let us help you, right here, right now. Contact us, read the FAQ’s and view our services.