Resources Page

On this page we will list companies and tools which have helped us on our projects and most of them we continue to use on a very regular basis. It is our hope that you can find at least one resource from this page which will benefit you no matter where you are on your eCommerce journey.

If you need assistance with any of these resources then feel free to contact us as most of them we either use daily or have used extensively in the past.

Website Tools/ Services:

chrome id

Google Chrome is ideal for:

Managing multiple users/your aliases and synchronisation between devices and using Right Click > Inspect: toggle device toolbar for viewing sites in mobile device mode, handy when designing/developing a site for ease of use. Visit Google Chrome.

web browsers id

Firefox, Safari, Edge and Silk are ideal for:

Using as web browser alternatives to chrome so you can either view your website in other browsers as you will have users coming to your site in these other browsers so you need to know how your site behaves/renders. Keeping a split between your personal web browser and your business web browser i.e. you might use chrome for business use and firefox for personal. Visit Get Web Browsers.


Google Analytics Solutions Gallery for:

Finding custom dashboards which you can use on your own GA account saving you time trying to create your own. Visit GA Solutions Gallery.

Check out two Crackerjack Commerce dashboards Rik created as these are designed to show you where engaged website traffic came from and are they sticking around split for desktop and mobile. Visit CC Dashboards Solutions Gallery.

colorzilla id

Colorzilla is ideal for:

Using as a chrome plugin which allows you to click on any pixel on a website and being shown the exact colour code which you can for your own editing or to give to a designer. Visit Colorzilla.

placeholder id

PLACEHOLDER.COM is ideal for:

Generating graphic placeholder images on demand which assist web designers as you do not have to keep uploading or linking to your own certain size images. Visit PLACEHOLDER.

spotibo id

Spotibo is ideal for:

Checking your website meta description length in real time for proposed new content or analyzing an existing website. Visit Spotibo.

pixabay id

Pixabay is ideal for:

Sourcing royalty free images which you can use time and time again and you do not have to pay for them. Visit Pixabay.

pixlr id

Pixlr is ideal for:

Editing photos with some pretty advantaged features on the fly inside a web browser, ideal when you are on a device which does not have any Adobe CS package. Visit Pixlr.

domain id is ideal for:

Finding your own domain names, checking for availability and purchasing quick and easy. Visit

namecheap id

Name Cheap is ideal for:

Finding your own domain names, checking for availability and purchasing quick and easy. Visit Name Cheap.

simple servers id

Simple Servers is ideal for:

Reliable and affordable UK web hosting for Magento or WordPress sites with good fast customer service and cpanel. Visit Simple Servers.

uptime robot id

Uptime Robot is ideal for:

Automatically monitoring your website to ensure it is up and working 24/7. It will notify you if the site goes down so you can take action. Visit Uptime Robot.


camelcamelcamel id

CamelCamelCamel is ideal for:

Using as a plugin which will show you historical pricing data and price drop notifications on Amazon. Handy if you want to know what sort of deal you are getting or if you can wait for an item for drop in price to buy a bargain. Visit CamelCamelCamel.

fba calculator id

FBA Calculator is ideal for:

Working out what Amazon will charge you in FBA fee’s for a particular item providing 1. It is already for sale on their website or 2. You know the size and weight of the item. Visit FBA Calculator.

forecastly id

Forecastly is ideal for:

Using as an inventory management tool for your Amazon FBA products as at the very least it will tell you 1. How much stock of an item you should send in based on historical sales date and 2. What FBA shipments Amazon owe you money on making it quick and easy to reconcile your stock and get a reimbursement when it is due. Visit Forecastly.

wordcounter id

Word Counter is ideal for:

Performing multiple tasks with your text such as count number of words (perfect for text entries with character limits), identifying duplicate words and much more. Visit Word Counter.

sonar id

Sonar is ideal for:

Acquiring top keywords for best selling Amazon items which you can either use yourself on Amazon or on other sales channels. Visit Sonar.

Websites/ Blogs:

tamebay id

Tamebay is ideal for:

Keeping up to date with online retail news, hints and tips especially relating to the online marketplaces. Visit Tamebay.

ecommerce ukbf id

eCommerce UKBF is ideal for:

Speaking to and learning from other professionals, many regulars whom are very successful in their own profession with proven track records. Visit eCommerce UKBF.

mr excel id

Mr Excel is ideal for:

Learning hints and tips for Microsoft Excel and asking for help from an active and friendly forum. Visit Mr Excel.

eseller cafe id

eSellerCafe is ideal for:

Useful and knowledgeable website covering all eCommerce news for small and medium-sized businesses. Visit eSellerCafe.

password generator id

Password Generator is ideal for:

Producing a very secure password without you having to think about it and will ensure you are not tempted to use the same or similar over and over again. Visit Password Generator.

trello id

Trello is ideal for:

Making your own reminders which you can detail with checklists, due dates comments and so own or invite others to share/collaborate. Plus you easily upload files using it as a teamwork dropbox/file sharing tool. Visit Trello.

percentage calculator id

Percentage Calculator is ideal for:

Using a quick and simple to use calculator for doing your % sums inside a browser. Visit Percentage Calculator.

spring fair autumn fair id

Spring Fair and Autumn Fair are ideal for:

Doing product research in person, discovering predicted trends across a range of product sectors, finding new suppliers and re-confirming relationships with existing suppliers all under one roof. Visit Spring Fair. | Visit Autumn Fair.

Shipping/ Couriers:

tide logo id

TIDE Global is ideal for:

Helping you product source, import, store and fulfil all across the UK and beyond. The Tide warehouse team are specialists in import/export, stock handling and onward delivery of eCommerce products. Visit Tide.

interparcel parcel2go id

Interparcel and Parcel2GO are ideal for:

Sending items (parcels) over 2kg at a lower cost and with more convenience options than the Post Office. You can print a label and take your item(s) to a drop off point or have the courier come to your location and collect. Visit Interparcel. | Visit Parcel2GO.

parcelcompare id

Parcelcompare is ideal for:

Sending items (parcels) outside the UK aka International Delivery. Visit Parcelcompare.

Hopefully some of those are new to you and you will gain something from them. Please contact us if you want some help with any of the above either on a regular basis or as a one off service. For more detailed information about our services please see the services page and the FAQ page.